Andrew T. Cohen, MD, FACS

Dr. Andrew Cohen grew up in Southern California, earned his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and performed his plastic surgery residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. He has worked in health care for nearly two decades and opened his practice in 2001. Dr. Cohen is a board-certified plastic surgeon, offering surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

What is your specialty?

“My specialty is natural-looking procedures that are, at times, life-changing for my patients.

What steps do you take to make your office a stress-free zone?

“When patients walk in the door, my office has the cozy feeling of being in someone’s home. They grab a coffee or cold drink and relax with a magazine. Diffusers give off a relaxing scent. We have a display of our favorite skincare and sunscreen products and offer skin rejuvenating treatments by our renowned esthetician, Cynthia Marie Franco ( ). This warm ambience and the friendly conversation with my staff all contribute to an experience that makes my patients realize they are part of our family.”

How does your practice provide personalized attention to patients?  

“The patient experience begins when a person calls for an appointment. My staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and patients immediately feel trust and comfort. We have patients who have been with us since the first day I opened the doors. I built my client base on referrals from patients and fellow doctors. I have grown with my patients, and they have grown with me.”

How does your practice differ from others?

“My practice is unique in that I provide a personal touch. The postop care is as important as the surgical care. Patients are taken care of 100% from the time they walk into the door for their consult, through their preoperative visit and postoperative care. It is our intention for our patients to never feel that we are too busy to care about the smallest detail.”

What is your favorite thing about being a plastic surgeon?

“The fact that I can change people’s lives and restore their confidence.”

How do you stay on top of current research and treatments?

“Education is key to keeping up with the latest surgical treatments and technology. Nonsurgical procedures are changing weekly, and meeting with the companies and demo-ing new lasers is important to stay current. In my private practice we are always examining, comparing and discussing new technology and surgical techniques in order to maintain excellent results and patient safety. It is important for my staff and me to stay up-to-date and push each other to be the best we can be!”