Andrew T. Cohen, MD, FACS

Dr. Andrew Cohen grew up in Southern California, completed his medical degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and performed his plastic surgery residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. A board-certified plastic surgeon, he has worked in health care for nearly two decades and opened his practice in 2001.

What are you especially grateful for today?

“I am grateful for my health and the health of my family, for my patients and the ability to do what I love to do, which is plastic surgery. Changing patients’ lives through surgery is the most rewarding thing I do. It is a privilege to help my patients through surgery, from the first consult to their final postoperative appointment.”

How will health care change due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

“Our lives and every single industry will change for the better after this. We have discovered that we can be more flexible with where we work and how efficient we can be from our homes! We are seeing more patients on FaceTime or Zoom, and I think this will change the industry. We have many patients from out of town and out of the country. We are able to meet with them online, all the way up until their preoperative appointment and surgery. This allows us to create a plan specific to them and their desired outcome and meet as often as a patient requires to feel confident.”

In what ways do you reach out and help your community?

“As clinical chief of the plastic surgery department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, I have been active in keeping our department up-to-date on the most important safety measures. I help our local urgent care centers if a patient requests a plastic surgeon. I also have coordinated my fellow doctors and dentists in our medical office building in Encino so we can help each other through this medical and community crisis.”

Tell us about a unique feature of your practice.

“We offer personalized service, and we are available to our patients throughout their experience. In an age of digital medical care, we feel that personalize care goes a long way with patient care and satisfaction. Our patients are able to call or text our office, and my surgical patients all have my cell phone. If they are concerned about anything or have questions, we are always available.”

What do you love about living and working in the Valley?

“My office was in Beverly Hills for 19 years, and I live in the Valley. Over one year ago we moved our office to Encino, and I haven’t looked back. It takes me only 15 minutes to get home!”