Our Kiddie Panel Combs the Valley for the Best Hot Dog.

And the winner is…

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    Eat & Drink, People
  • Written by
    Heather David
  • Photographed by
    Courtney Stapleton


Hayley, 5, Laurel Canyon

Mason, 6, Studio City

Elodie, 5, Studio City




Winner: The Stand

For the last 16 years, The Stand in Encino has been serving up diner standards with gourmet options like brioche hamburger buns and lemon sesame Brussel sprouts. Their kids’ meal, featuring a grilled beef hot dog with a side of fries, proved to be the ultimate taste sensation for our trio.

Hayley: I like how long this one is. I get to eat more!

Mason: The bread’s super good. It had a snap when I bit into it.

Elodie: When you take a bite of the hot dog, it crunches like a chip. I like how juicy this one is.

Score: 9.6

Fab Hot Dogs

Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda gained national attention after being featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives nearly a decade ago. While known for their east coast-style, deep fried dog the Ripper, our judges went for the classic steamed version.

Hayley: I like the bread and the hot dog. It’s yummy!  I could eat 199 of these.

Mason: Mmmmm this is good.

Elodie: I love ketchup, but this doesn’t really need it because I like tasting the flavor of the meat.

Score: 9.5

Vicious Dogs

Vicious Dogs, in the heart of the NOHO arts district, has a rocker vibe. That edge comes out in their food too. The Mac Daddy Dog features bacon, BBQ sauce, plus mac and cheese. Our judges went for their basic sausage dog, which turned out to be a bit much.

Hayley: I do like this one, just not as much as the others.

Mason: I don’t eat hot dogs like this too much. I think the bread is kind of better than the hot dog.

Elodie: This one has black marks on it like a steak. It tastes very meaty.

Score: 8
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