Organic, On the Rocks

The Natural Mixologist is generating buzz with its healthier, creative cocktails

We’ve all gotten pretty health conscious with our meals. The Natural Mixologist (, a beverage catering company, aims to have our cocktails catch up.

“My goal is to bring the farm-to-table movement into the cocktail glass. If you are going to have a cocktail, have the healthiest one possible,” owner Marsha Meyer explains.

The Natural Mixologist creates custom drinks by using high-quality, organic ingredients and adding superfoods like blueberries. Gluten-free and vegan beverages are other options.

And now with the debut of the company’s new mixer line, Mixtress, customers can create healthful cocktails at home. Concoctions like Lime, Lemongrass & Ginger as well as Lemon, Sour Cherry & Rose Petals can liven up anything from vodka to tequila. Personalized flavors are available upon request.

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