NEW: Taking The Stand to Northridge

The Stand adds a new franchise with a new look.

“Loaded” is the way The Sauce would describe the menu at The Stand, a casual American dining spot that boasts Valley locations in Encino and Woodland Hills (Century City too, plus one coming soon to Irvine). Loaded fries, loaded burgers, loaded dogs—loads of fun.

Blue crab burger

Yes, you can get a healthy salad, but if you believe a meal is not complete unless it’s topped with crispy onion strings, cheese jalapenos, chili, chimichurri slaw, bacon or a fried egg (or all of the above), you’ll be in heaven here. Ask for an extra plate to share items, and they’ll bring you a bowl—because frankly you need one to make sure none of the goodies fall out of elaborate burger and sandwich creations. Beer and wine are available.

Does bacon cancel out the kale in this salad?

The newest location of The Stand in Northridge offers the same menu as the rest but with a hipper, more industrial design—a contrast to the retro diner look of the Encino shop with its black-and-white checked tablecloths. With either décor, you’ll decide how high to pile it on at The Stand.

19600 Plummer St., 818-709-3820

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