NEW: Gourmet Dogs, Designer Sweets at Fashion Square

Brätworks Gourmet Hot Dogs, Lolli and Pops provide Fashion Square food fun.

The Sauce usually does not waste prime blog real estate on mall food, but two newcomers to Sherman Oaks’ Westfield Fashion Square have elevated the shopping center to fun-food theme park: Brätworks Gourmet Hot Dogs and Lolli and Pops candy shop.

Opened December 25, Brätworks has moved into a prime central space that was most recently home to Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt (frozen before your eyes using liquid nitrogen—too weird-science for The Sauce). The all-natural hot dog spot offers such offbeat combo dogs as the Pizza Dog, the Lobster Roll Dog and the Angry Dragon! (hot link, dragon sauce, Asian coleslaw and sriracha).

The Sauce tried the Chicken Avocado Club dog (chicken bratwurst, jack cheese, avocado, bacon, ranch dressing). Cold mashed avocado didn’t complement the soft chicken brat, which also does not provide the spunk of a true German pork bratwurst. Still, two shoppers dropped by to demand: “That looks good, where did you get that?” Next time, a different brat might taste as good as it looks.

“Would you like to see the Gummi Bear Room?” I was asked upon visiting Lolli and Pop sugar emporium. Yes, there’s a whole room devoted to the sweet little guys. This super pretty shop, apparently designed to look like a candy box, offers retro candy, alcoholic candy, truffles … well, anything you want as long as the main ingredient is sugar. The Sauce found these toffee mice too cute to eat.

Westfield Fashion Square, 14006 Riverside Dr., 818-783-0550        

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