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Miho Sushi Competes in Crowded Tarzana Field by Touting Value

The Boulevard is studded with sushi restaurants that deliver exquisite omakase. Miho Sushi is a new Tarzana option that competes by offering high-value combos.

The Boulevard is renowned for sushi restaurants that deliver exquisite omakase experiences. Miho Sushi is a new Tarzana option that is far from luxurious but stands out in the crowded field by offering value and combo meals.

Miho Sushi’s Chirashi Set combines slices of big eye tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, whitefish, shrimp and clam, which join tamago (sweet omelet) and pickles atop a bowl of steamed white rice. Each chirashi bowl comes with earthy miso soup co-starring seaweed, mushrooms and cubed tofu; and a romaine salad dressed with crunchy beet strands, cherry tomato for brightness and sesame seeds. The Chirashi entree is priced at $18.95 for dinner.

Turning to “Today’s Specials” on the dry-erase board, I snagged two pieces of black seabream sushi for $6. The board also touted options like ankimo (monkfish liver), hotate (scallop) and aji (horse mackerel), plus prepared dishes like octopus salad and dynamite shrimp. The cost for these specials ranges from $6 to $12.

Bargain hunters will also appreciate Miho Sushi combos like their “signature sushi assortment” a chef’s choice of roll and five pieces of daily special sushi for $20.95. A tekamaki (handroll) set costs $13.95 and includes a choice of three hand rolls. A deluxe sashimi set runs $25.95 and features the chef’s 15 selections.

Composed plates primarily involve carpaccios like halibut with yuzu, sea salt and truffle oil; and albacore with ponzu and crispy onion.

The name Miho roughly translates from Japanese as “beautiful grain,” and while their sushi doesn’t shine as brightly as some neighbors, they could still find a local following.

18373 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, 818-708-3220

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