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Lovi’s Deli is a Calabasas Classic with Standout Sandwiches

Lovi’s Deli in Calabasas draws on decades of experience in the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys and stands out for their fully loaded sandwiches.

David Lovi was a proud deli man going back to the ’70s, running restaurants liked Pickles Deli in Newbury Park and Country Deli in Chatsworth. Son Alex continues the family tradition at Lovi’s Deli, which opened right off the 101 freeway in 2014 and stands out for serving flavorful, fully-loaded sandwiches.

Lovi’s has a sprawling, 16-page menu—like any good Jewish deli. Dishes aren’t completely traditional. Alex calls Lovi’s “an homage to the delicatessens that opened in New York in the latter part of the 19th century with a contemporary edge,” meaning customers can also find Mexican plates and cocktails. Still, any first-timer should order a well-crafted deli sandwich.

Corned beef, tongue, chopped liver, Kosher salami and beef brisket are all viable options, but for me the choice comes down to either Romanian-style pastrami or New York-style black pastrami. Thanks to Lovi’s triple-decker sandwich, there’s no need to choose. #15 Double Pastrami features double-baked rye bread layered with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and both Romanian and New York-style pastramis. According to general manager Jay Rubenstein, Romanian pastrami is leaner while New York-style is fattier, fuller flavored, with a more pronounced black pepper spice crust. Both versions are juicy and cooked daily.

Even though Lovi’s Deli is relatively new to the west Valley, the family has clearly built a winning model. The shaded patio was packed during weekday lunch, with most booths taken indoors.

The Lovi family also smartly placed a bakery near the entrance/exit, strategically displaying cakes, pastries, rugelach and black-and-white cookies. They also sell cookies sporting smiles, but any customer who’s eaten their pastrami sandwich will already have one handy.

24005 Calabasas Rd., Calabasas, 818-223-8777

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