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JINYA Ramen Bar Adds Tsukemen a.k.a. “Dipping Ramen” to the Menu

JINYA Ramen Bar, the rising ramen chain from founder Tomonori Takahashi, recently added tsukemen at the original Studio City location.

Tomonori Takahashi’s popular JINYA Ramen Bar in Studio City, which helped kickstart L.A.’s modern ramen movement, is now serving tsukemen — also known as “dipping ramen” — which features the noodles and broth served separately.

JINYA’s $15 tsukemen includes a plate of cool, springy noodles topped with seasoned egg and small piles of cilantro, spinach, bamboo shoots, savory nori sheets and crunchy scallions. The murky soup is a funky umami bomb crafted with pork broth, chunks of pork cha shu, onion, fish powder and shrimp oil. Those final two ingredients contribute a level of pungency that could prove divisive among diners. A squeeze of lime definitely helps tone down the funk.

The broth contains so much protein that it starts to congeal when left to rest. With each order, JINYA serves a pitcher of noodle broth to help thin the base, so you can dilute (and tame) the tsukemen to your preference.

11239 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-980-3977

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