In The Prime of Life

Meet a physical fitness buff who is living proof that age is indeed a state of mind.

Adria Cain

Personal Trainer

Adria Cain may work as a physical trainer, but her approach to health and fitness is truly integrative; having an amazingly fit body in middle age is just part of the equation. From diet to downtime, the Encino resident always keeps health in mind.
“I really think before I make a decision—how will this affect my body? I rarely get sick, and if I’m feeling a bit off, it’s simple: I rest. I listen to my body.”
Her daily workout is constantly evolving and has no limitations. “When I see something new and exciting, I always want to give it a try. I don’t put any boundaries on myself because of my age.”


I really don’t have a defined regimen. I might weight train in the morning and then stretch or do yoga in the afternoon. Sometimes I substitute a spin class or elliptical training. I like to keep it interesting and to surprise myself.


Since I’m always on the go, I usually prepare my food at night for the following day—snacks and meals. My first thought is always toward protein. Next comes a choice of tasty fat like avocado or virgin coconut oil. A nice carb to complement—like steamed veggies—and I’m good to go.


First thing, I have a small shot of hot water with lemon. I then enjoy a hot mug of coffee while driving. I fill my 28-ounce water container three times a day. Sometimes after a hike, I drink coconut water with chunks of coconut—a perfect re-energizer. Lastly, I have hot herbal tea at night.


A mix of protein powder, oatmeal, coconut oil, fruit and unsweetened almond milk.


I give my body rest days where I chill and maybe treat myself to a massage. My husband and I love to play golf together, and I try to avoid the sun when we go. I try to get 7½ hours of sleep each night. And I try to nap whenever I can.


I’m the definition of a grinder. I like to see how far I can push it. I let my body tell me when I’ve had enough—not my mind. When I’m done with yoga, spinning or weight lifting, I have given it my all.

"Each day I try to incorporate, in a pleasurable way, the senses: touch, feel, smell, vision and hearing. It is my way of celebrating the body and life. Why do I train? For the next day.”


I surround myself with positive people in both my work and my personal life. I have a fabulous husband who supports me in all that I do.

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