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Two 30-somethings—a fashion-forward entrepreneur and an accomplished artist/animator—share what is catching their eye in mixed media.

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    Heather David

MAC WHITING  Animator at Six Point Harness animation studios/artist


As an artist I recently made a portrait of Dolly Parton that is the cover of her latest album, Blue Smoke. It’s one of the highlights of my career. With my “day job” we are developing shorts for DreamWorks Television and working on “The Flaming C” cartoon for Conan O’Brien. 



I’m looking forward to seeing the reboot of Mad Max: Fury Road, the new James Bond film, Spectre, and Star Wars: Episode VII. I’m all about sci-fi, action and animated movies.



My wife and I are expecting our first child any minute, so I’m reading about the French philosophy on raising kids: Bringing up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman.



A&E’s Married at First Sight—a social experiment on steroids. Two people get hitched without ever even seeing each other. They embark on a six-week trial, ultimately having to decide whether to stay together or get a divorce. It’s riveting.



My Wacom Cintiq. It enables artists to draw directly onto their computer screen—
leading to a completely paperless production pipeline, increasing the quality
of drawing and art that’s being produced.


LESLEY GROSVENOR  Stylist/cofounder of


My business, Clothes Up Style. It’s geared around having clients work off something they already have in their closet but updating it with new shoes, a loose bun and jewelry, of course!



When I need to fill in a client’s wardrobe with unique elements, I click on Forward by Elyse Walker ( They carry cutting-edge pieces that you won’t find in stores.



I live for Prime Fresh at Amazon.
This online grocery store has almost everything I need, including organic produce. I put in an order at night and it will be on my doorstep before I wake up. Genius!



I’m loving Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, who also wrote the best seller Gone Girl. It’s another fascinating murder mystery told from the perspective of different characters. It’s realistic, and the twists are riveting.



The Shopbop app. It has super high-end clothing designers as well as more contemporary lower-end brands, plus everything in between. They’re owned by Amazon, so I get my Prime membership free two-day shipping. 


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