Hugo's Saves Water With Sorghum

Using drought-tolerant sorghum grain in baked goods saves gallons.

We all know we should not waste water during the California drought. But who knew you could help by eating sorghum?

Hugo’s in Studio City (and other locations) has been requiring guests to ask for water for the past few years. But now they’re offering another water-saving option: Try new baked goods prepared with drought-tolerant sorghum grain. Chef Nabor Diaz Prado was raised eating sorghum in Mexico and was more than happy to try baking with the grain, which has a mild wheatberry taste.

Sorghum menu items include carrot cake, tiramisu and rye bread for a Reuben sandwich. Unlike popular quinoa, which is now regretfully priced out of the market for many people who depended on it, Hugo’s reports that sorghum is plentiful and grown locally—as well as gluten-free.

12851 Riverside Drive, 818-761-8985

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