Hot Stone Slow Food From Korea Lands in Studio City

Chef Yeon Lee and husband James Kim bring Hot Stone Slow Food From Korea to Studio City, specializing in sizzling bibimbap.

The path from Orange County to the San Fernando Valley was clear for chef Yeon Lee and husband James Kim, who previously ran Sobahn Express in Irvine and debuted Hot Stone Slow Food From Korea in Studio City in July. The couple replaced Meraki Greek & American Cuisine in a two-story plaza, specializing in "authentic Korean food."

The space now features a white awning, patio with wood tables and red umbrellas, four tables inside and decorative Korean fans. The walls are white and grey brick, with white subway tiles lining the kitchen. Order at host stand.

Each order comes in sizzling stone bowl encased with wood. James says, “You can stay warm until you finish your meal.” Yeon cooks all food to order, so the protein never gets cold or tough. The menu touts many vegetarian options, always avoids GMOs and utilizes extra virgin olive oil instead of soybean oil.

Bibimbap starts at $7.60 and includes spinach, bean sprouts, mushrooms, marinated cucumbers, julienne carrots and daikon strands. From there, you'll face a series of choices. Choose your protein: kalbi, bulgogi, tofu, spicy pork or chicken. Choose from white rice, brown rice, quinoa mix (two types of quinoa, black bean and lentils) or thin spaghetti, aka vermicelli. Choose your sauce (mild), ssamjang (moderate) or gochujang (hot). Choose to go with or without egg.

If for some reason bibimbap isn’t your thing, Hot Stone Slow Food From Korea also sells sun tofu and jangtuh noodle soup, rice ball or dumpling salad, dupbap, hot stone BBQ and Umma’s grilled noodles.

12265 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-358-4223

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