Host With the Most

A festive atmosphere. Great conversation, food and drinks.

Build something worth going to.

Don’t be boring. Take some serious time to think about how you can WOW your guests. You want people to walk into your home impressed that you created something fantastic. From the entrance into a main entertaining space, have a consistent feel. Design is KEY.


Make your guests want to stay.

You want people to commit to the night—to be there and be present. Guests want to have a beverage, mingle with fun people, be warm, find a cozy spot to sit and be entertained. Help them get there quick by designing communal gathering spaces with furniture.


Show genuine hospitality. 

Create an appealing atmosphere from top to bottom. This holiday party is going to be in your home, so why not make your guests feel super-welcome? Give generously, bring out the good stuff and remember, warm water and Windex can clean just about anything. 


Let people let loose.

Encourage people to loosen up. You need great music. Make a festive playlist. People like to dance, so let them. Hand out Champagne, cheer the year and find ways to celebrate.  


Ditch the curfew.

Why kick people out or set a hard stop? If you’re worried about noise, move inside. You’ll notice a small group of your closest and most fun pals will stick around. Tell stories, talk about who looked the best , recall the highlights of the evening and just laugh … it’s the best nightcap.

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