Green Cottage Tzatziki Fusion and House Bread Form Winning Combo

Green Cottage, an Encino restaurant from Nick Nemati and wife Roya, shows global understanding with tzatziki fusion and house bread.

San Fernando Valley restaurants collectively form a global puzzle, and at Green Cottage in Encino, owners Nick Nemati and wife Roya manage to accomplish that feat under one roof. They recently renamed their restaurant from Green Olive, which is what the family called their original Copenhagen restaurant that now dates to 1991. Their Encino restaurant has been open seven years in back of Encino Oaks Center strip mall. They’re originally from Iran and serve a global menu that’s by no means limited to Mediterranean.

Tzatziki fusion ($6.99) is a signature dish featuring tangy, drained, Greek-style yogurt folded with fresh tarragon, dill, mint, garlic, chopped cucumbers and walnuts, topped with sweet golden raisins and floral dried rose petals. I’m not sure how the enoki mushrooms fit in, but you can use cucumber sticks, tzatziki and raisins to form Mediterranean ants on a log.

Better yet, Green Cottage houses a wood-burning oven that feasts on apple and oak. They provide each table with complimentary pizza-like bread baked in the oven that’s brushed with tomato and served with salsa verde and green olives. The puffy half-moon with a crisp base pairs well with tzatziki, far better than the lonely green tortilla chip that typically comes with each plate.

17312 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 818-922-2242

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