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Gourmet Romano Brings Supple Pizza and Panini to Burbank

Roman-style pizza is trending, and Burbank has a great new option with Gourmet Romano and its supple pies and panini.

Roman-style pizza is trending, and for fans who want to get in on the action Gourmet Romano is a good, atypical new option. The eatery resides in Burbank, right on the bustling Toluca Lake border, and ferments multigrain dough for up to 72 hours—resulting in a supple crust.

Don’t expect Rome’s popular pizza al taglio (crispy rectangular pizza “by the cut”), as Gourmet Romano is focused on delivering individual pizza servings in their own style. Pizzas cook in a programmable three-deck oven with digital readout and host organic produce and imported Italian ingredients.

Popular options include classic Margherita and 4 Formaggi (four-cheese). Strokes of creativity can be found in more unusual menu choices such as Salmone Cream Cheese with Italian mozzarella, wild smoked salmon, organic arugula, Italian stracchino cream cheese, olive oil and pink pepper; and “Welcome to the Hell,” a fiery pizza with an intimidating name that treats Italian tomato sauce and mozzarella with salami Calabrese and ‘Nduja (spicy spreadable sausage).

Daily specials are also unusual. The day I visited, three options included luxurious “truffle” pizza with Italian mozzarella, white and black truffle cream, mixed mushrooms and organic parsley.

I opted for a panini, which features folded pizza dough instead of the pressed sandwiches typically associated with the word. My fantastic sandwich co-starred fluffy Italian ricotta cheese, sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, silky Italian mortadella studded with pistachios, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Gourmet Romano also serves a few salads and the classic Roman dish suppli—oblong rice fritters. One version of suppli, Cacio & Pepe. is particularly interesting. It riffs on the classic pasta sauce by incorporating Italian Pecorino cheese, organic whipped cream and cracked black pepper. They also mimic the traditional Italian tomato sauce, Amatriciano, by adding guanciale and pecorino cheese.

Décor contains a display case for pizza and panini, eight metal stools at a wood counter and an open kitchen. Most people grab-and-go, which is fine since the crust maintains integrity.

4017 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank, 818-748-3364

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