EAT in North Hollywood Turns Ten

EAT truly has a menu with something for everybody

Before the NoHo Arts District became cool, Kevin Gregorian set his sights on the northeast Valley corridor and opened EAT, a relaxing place to grab breakfast or lunch that straddles the line between local haunt and destination. Kevin has since gone on to open nearby District Pub and downtown’s Blacksmiths (with some partners), but he still considers EAT his “baby.”

This December, he’ll celebrate the restaurant’s 10-year anniversary. Several dishes explain his staying power. EAT features a wealth of egg dishes, pancakes and carb-tastic dishes at breakfast and a whole host of hefty burgers, sandwiches and salads at lunch. EAT truly has a menu with something for everybody—not even including occasional specials.

Grilled salmon sandwich ($13.99) is particularly tasty, featuring a rosy filet of grilled Norwegian salmon accented with onions, tomato, mayo, lettuce and mango relish, served on a soft brioche bun. Each sandwich comes with a choice of side. Even though EAT’s signature griddled zucchini shreds with sour cream are geared toward breakfast, you can still order them at lunch.

Duck confit sandwich ($14.99) is another interesting option featuring crispy shreds of oven-baked duck piled with cranberry aioli and mix greens on grilled nine-grain bread. With this sandwich, we suggest a side salad with spicy house-made chipotle vinaigrette.

EAT doesn’t serve dessert, per se, but their frosted French toast ($11.99) certainly qualifies. Slabs of bread are crusted with frosted flakes, topped with caramelized grilled bananas and strawberries, and served with a scoop of strawberry butter and maple syrup.

The space is casual and comforting. EAT appears in big red letters along Magnolia Boulevard. A black awning covers the front patio, a dining room touts mustard colored walls and reclaimed wood, and a shotgun alley with orange walls hosts additional seating.

Kevin is clearly happy about EAT’s decade-long run, and he is upbeat about NoHo’s continued growth. He plans to launch a more upscale restaurant called The Diplomat next door to EAT in March 2018.

11108 W. Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, 818-760-4787

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