Fried Chicken Lover Alert: Mister O’s Family-Style “Sunday Supper” is a Don’t-Miss

Mister O’s offers a stupendous family-style Sunday Supper that feeds four people for $75 and always centers on fried chicken.

Sunday Supper Studio City
Mister O’s does not skimp for Sunday supper. This is a fraction of the food. [Joshua Lurie]

Sunday supper is a great time to check in with family and friends before the work week kicks into high gear. A perfect place to gather is Mister O’s in Studio City. The mid-century modern-style restaurant is now serving a family-style, multi-course dinner that feeds four people for $75 and centers on fried chicken.

Each supper starts with a choice of salad for the table. I’d recommend little gem hearts featuring sweet, crunchy lettuce cores in a texture-rich, Caesar-like preparation that also includes radicchio, pea shoots, a grated Pecorino shower, bread crumbs and cheese crisps.

Fried chicken is the “star” each week, featuring a mountain of juicy, boneless Mary’s organic chicken parts sporting crispy, well-spiced coats. Accompaniments change with the seasons, but my meal was served with  buttery crushed Yukon Gold potatoes, a cazuela (Spanish clay pot) filled with mixed vegetables like carrots and greens, and fluffy house-baked biscuits served on a wood platter with spicy Fresno chile jam, fragrant whipped lavender butter and browned butter powder that matched the consistency of snow.

For dessert I wholeheartedly endorse either Mister O’s panna cotta, which features a bowl of creamy fromage blanc dressed with creme fraiche, more browned butter powder, and a bright, colorful collage of yuzu, honey, kumquat, lavender and blood orange. It’s also hard to argue with the charms of Mister O’s vanilla sundae—a flower-shaped glass filled with ice cream cascading with brown butter, blueberries and blueberry sauce, crumbled candied walnuts, mint leaves and sugary gold beads. “You feel like you’re eating a piece of jewelry,” my stepmother remarked while enjoying it. “It just breaks apart in your mouth.”

We weren’t as crazy about “Grandma’s Nutter Butter,” a fussy, deconstructed riff on the peanut butter cookie sandwich.

Sunday Supper is a remarkable deal and flavorful triumph from Chef Oscar Torres, who recently took over Mister O’s kitchen from opening chef/mentor Mario Alberto.

The basic four-person Sunday supper costs $75 and $19 for each additional diner. Visit the website to see each week’s menu. Book online or by phone.

11838 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-358-3839

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