Free EatBy App Wants to Scare Away Food Waste

Check out EatBy’s tips on how to use groceries wisely, including that Halloween pumpkin.

Never mind witches, goblins, ghosts, scary-sweet pumpkin lattes and the looming threat of hearing Thriller on the radio 32 times on Halloween. The folks behind the new EatBy app are more frightened by the forgotten food rotting at the back your fridge. Eeeww!

Not only can old food become a science project gone horribly wrong, it's a big waste of money, say the creators of the the app: husband-and-wife team Barbara and Steffan Lewis. According to the website, over two years the average family wastes enough food to pay for a holiday abroad. The app offers shopping tips, ways to keep track of those elusive "better if used by" dates, and recipes to manage your groceries in a waste-minimizing manner.  

This month the emphasis is on the pumpkin, which can become part of a tasty recipe even after you've carved a face in it. "Eat Flesh," suggests the app in true holiday spirit. (The Sauce can't resist suggesting another EatBy recipe for autumn: App-lesauce).

Here's looking at you: EatBy's pumpkin soup

Find EatBy via the Apple App Store and Google Play. EatBy also invites you to get involved as a blog contributor. More info available on the website:

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