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Women We Love: 8 Women Doing Extraordinary Things

Meet 8 women who are doing extraordinary things with their lives and—whether shattering glass ceilings or inspiring others—they’re making the world a better place. Here we share the reasons we chose them as well as some other noteworthy and interesting tidbits.

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Sushi Iki Showcases Indulgent Seasonal Fish

Kawahagi, a small sand-dwelling species known as thread-sail filefish to English speakers, is a rare delicacy on sushi menus. The end of October ushered in Kawahagi season, which will last for four months. In LA, one of the only places to find it is at Sushi Iki, long considered one of the San Fernando Valley’s […]

Eat & Drink

Artisan Cheese Gallery Dials Up Ambition in Studio City

In 2015 locals may have questioned the fate of Artisan Cheese Gallery when Melody Dosch and her parents sold the Studio City cheese and sandwich shop after 10 years in business. 18 months later, new owner Shelley Janson has put Boulevard dwellers at ease by dialing in the décor, upgrading the sandwich offerings and adding […]

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