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Greenhouse Juice Bar Adds Sherman Oaks Location And Ginger Beer

Greenhouse Juice Bar, the bartender-driven concept that started at The Original Farmers Market, adds a second Valley location in Sherman Oaks.


Strike a Pose

From velvet to faux fur, luxurious textures in jewel tones take center stage this season—coupled with some revivals from the 90s. Bows, chokers and embellishments—ranging from embroidery to brocade—are all part of this dramatic, retro look that returns with a new sense of refinement.

Eat & Drink


Big Sugar Bakeshop This Studio City homestyle sweet shop has an array of sweets, including a selection of Guinness, green velvet and chocolate mint cupcakes; green doughnut muffins; Irish coffee Bailey’s mini-cheesecake; and “Shamrock Sugar Shortbread” cookies. 12182 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-508-5855 Buttercelli Bakeshop This Sherman Oaks shop is the best place in the valley to get organic, […]

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