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El Tejano Expands Tex-Mex Party to Woodland Hills

El Tejano expands their popular Tex-Mex concept from the NoHo Arts District, bringing flour tortillas and massive micheladas to Woodland Hills.

Eat & Drink

An Exotic Superpower: veSTATION in Sherman Oaks

There are quite a few strip mall restaurants with signs advertising vegan food that inevitably always seem to be Thai.  I’ve tried a couple different eateries, but have never fallen ‘in love’…or actually never much ‘in like’ either. That all changed when I had lunch at veSTATION, a small, yet modern restaurant in Sherman Oaks […]

Eat & Drink

Chio’s Peruvian Grill Expands to Woodland Hills

Chef Dante Balarezo and business partner Glenn Ramirez expanded Chio’s Peruvian Grill from Van Nuys to Woodland Hills, serving Peruvian comfort food.

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