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Piqué Design

Piqué Design designs homes for clients in the San Fernando Valley and beyond—including vacation homes in mountain communities and apartments in New York.

Under Water

Until the 20th century, all the great cities of the world were built on equally great sources of water. Ancient Egypt had the Nile. Ancient Rome had the Tiber. London has the Thames and Paris the Seine. New York, Boston, Chicago … all built on water.

Eat & Drink

Neighborhood Joint: SteamPunk Coffee Bar and Kitchen

If you find yourself hungrily wandering around the east Valley or in need of a caffeine pick-me-up, consider dropping into SteamPunk Coffee Bar and Kitchen in Valley Village. It’s a hipster-looking joint with funky furniture and art-covered walls off the beaten path on Burbank Boulevard, just west of Whitsett. Think Los Feliz and Silverlake vibe […]

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