Duly Noted

Two Encino moms come up with a fun way to connect with kids while inspiring positive thinking.

When moms Sharona Saltzman and Hadas Propper first met at their daughters’ Encino elementary school, little did they know they would become business partners.

The idea stemmed out of small handwritten notes that Sharona would put in her daughter, Shayna’s, lunchbox. “I would write something that would make her laugh and teach her something too,” she recalls. Turns out Shayna wasn’t the only one amused. The child’s friends also started looking forward to these clever little notes. And moms began asking if they could get them for their kids.

Sharona asked Hadas, a graphic designer/marketing specialist, if she would team up, and the partnership gave birth to their Anytime Notes collection. The colorful 4”x 4” tear-off notes are full of fun facts, jokes, riddles, positive messages and thought-provoking questions. They are also great for dinner table conversation as well as car and plane rides.

Notes from Me! are now available at Target stores nationwide through mid-September (and online anytime at mywish4u.com). You can find them—where else?—by the lunchboxes.

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