Donutella Combines Two of Life’s Great Indulgences

Germin Agayby drew on her children’s two passions—donuts and Nutella—opening the Donutella dessert shop at Encino Town Center.

Cartoon children wait with mouths agape to gobble up donuts raining from the sky. These kids are painted on glass and greet customers entering Donutella, a dessert shop that Germin Agayby debuted at Encino Town Center at the end of April.

Germin previously ran a child home daycare and was inspired to open a dessert shop by her kids’ love for donuts and Nutella. Her signature item is naturally the “donutella,” featuring a raised donut sliced open and filled with Nutella before being topped with more Nutella and chocolate sprinkles.

Donutella also sells mini-donuts lashed with Nutella and dusted with powdered sugar and a wide variety of house-made gelato flavors. Other treats include gelato waffles and nonalcoholic drinks that revolve around coffee, tea or boba.

The space features stainless steel tables, white-and-black checked tile floor, a green wall-mounted menu and a logo that depicts a donut ring that’s missing a bite.

17200 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 818-849-5145

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