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DJ Steve Aoki Expands Pizzaoki to Studio City

DJ Steve Aoki is a second-generation restaurateur. Pizzaoki draws on lessons from Steve’s father, Rocky Aoki, who founded Benihana.

Steve Aoki is a famous DJ with a residency at Hakkasan Las Vegas who also plays arenas, clubs and festivals across the globe. He’s also now a restaurateur with Pizzaoki, a delivery-focused pizzeria that recently expanded to Studio City. Steve’s late father, Rocky Aoki, founded teppanyaki chain Benihana, so Steve comes by hospitality and showmanship honestly.

Pizzas bake in a gas deck oven and feature herb-infused dough that Steve promises will be “lit” (slang for exciting). Neon Future is my top pick, featuring a blend of melted mozzarella cheese, fluffy ricotta cheese, fresh garlic and Italian parsley. The sturdy, crispy crust doesn’t have much chew, but is a respectable vessel for assorted toppings.

Customers looking for more zing should order Steveroni, a pepperoni pizza slathered with Mama Aoki’s “homemade” pizza sauce—supposedly made with a recipe from Steve’s mom. Mayhem is another fun choice, featuring everything from the dim mak (meat lover’s pizza)—pepperoni, ground sausage and house-made meatballs—plus mushrooms, black olives, red onions, sweet onions, and red and green bell peppers.

Steve Aoki wasn’t at Pizzaoki when I picked up my pizza in Studio City, but he’s clearly top of mind in the red and black space. A neon sign depicts his profile by the counter. A huge cartoon mural shows him in action on the back wall. Another neon sign reads “Pizza by any means necessary.”

Pizzas are available for delivery and pickup through GrubHub and Postmates. Soon enough, customers will also be able to dine in and enjoy their pizzas at limited tables or cushioned lime-colored benches by the door.

11288 Ventura Blvd., Studio City

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