Desk Warriors

Is working at a computer all day causing you pain? Let Claire Hartley, owner of Rising Lotus Yoga, show you how to go from a stiff neck to full flexibility. Namaste.

Anyone whose job involves a computer knows the feeling. You are typing away and suddenly a paralyzing pain or a sharp pinch hits you in the neck or back. Whether at the office or at home, this is the time to step back from your desk and nurture your body with restorative yoga. Here are four poses that will bring you relief. Hold each of them for five slow, deep breaths before switching sides and repeating.


Rejuvenates the spine and is good for the digestive system.


How-To: With one leg crossed over the other, tuck knee into side of armpit. Lift spine up out of hips and rotate.



A full-body stretch that engages the shoulders, spine and hamstrings.


How-To: This is essentially a half-downward dog. Place hands firmly on chair and bend over with legs straight and back flat. Pull navel up.



Stretches the entire body, realigns the hips and gives you energy.


How-To: With one leg up on chair, lunge forward to stretch the back hip flexor. Spread fingers for an energy rush.



Great for lower back relief, hamstring stretch and releasing tension on the spine.


How-To: Spread legs with feet flat on ground and pointed straight ahead. With arms stacked straight, rotate until fingertips of one hand touch the ground. Pull up thigh muscles and rotate front thigh outward.  ν


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