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Chill Rollz Gets Creative With Rolled Ice Cream in NoHo

Tina Haserjyan and her daughter Mariam serve creative Mediterranean-inspired rolled ice cream at colorful Chill Rollz in the NoHo Arts District.

“Ready to roll” is the mantra at Chill Rollz, a new family-run shop in the NoHo Arts District devoted to rolled ice cream. This increasingly trendy ice cream preparation takes the Cold Stone Creamery concept to new heights.

Tina Haserjyan and daughter Mariam mix ingredients with liquified custard in an ice-cold pan until the base freezes, then scrape the creamy results in columns of photogenic coils that resemble a bouquet of flowers. Instead of offering a head-spinning array of ice cream bases, mix-ins and toppings, the family’s focused menu features just 12 thoughtful options, all $6.75 and the same size.

They’ve built bowls around recognizable flavors like Oreo cookies and Nutella, but they distinguish themselves with creative Mediterranean flavors. Smell the Roses stars rolled rose custard garnished with aromatic (and edible) dried rose buds, matcha Pocky sticks, crushed pistachios and either a graham cracker or Lotus cookie. Halva is typically a sesame-based treat popular in the Middle East, but the Chill Rollz version is caramel-like, house-made fudge that pairs well with a vanilla custard base, marshmallows, waffle sticks and caramel drizzle.

The colorful space features an inviting cartoon mural framing the entrance. Inside you’ll find black-and-white tile floors, colorful pastel stripes and a massive mural of a cow in a field—no doubt a rolled ice cream fan.

5245 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818-736-1119