Channel Surfing

From guilty pleasures to workout tunes, what’s at the fingertips of two media-savvy locals.




Lisa deSouza

President/CEO, RPM Demand, a Studio City-based tech consulting company 


Current endeavor?

The SoCal Digital Symposium, which aims to connect the tech community with business leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, students and tech nerds in order to inspire conversations, exchange of ideas and hopefully inspire innovation.


Movie you’re looking forward to seeing? 

That’s an easy one: Star Wars: Episode VII. Need I say any more? 


Music you are really loving right now? 

Anything by Ellie Goulding. Her voice is simply mesmerizing. I heard “Lights” on Pandora one day while driving, and I actually pulled over and used Shazam. 


Are you a Facebook fan?

I think Facebook is great as a personal branding tool, but honestly I never put anything too personal on there. If I really want to connect with people, I do so in the real world.


TV guilty pleasure? 

Anything on the Food Network. I’m a terrible cook, so for me it is pure fantasy. 


Book on your nightstand?

The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This book is fascinating. It shows how our minds work … how we in turn respond to people and, more importantly, how we can shift conversations to be positive and productive.





Raj Sharma

Stand-up comedian/Sherman Oaks resident


Current project?

A one-hour special, The Laugh Factory Presents Raj Sharma Live From Las Vegas, on Amazon Prime.


Movie you’re looking forward to seeing this summer?

The new Spider-Man. I like the new look that it’s taken as opposed to the earlier movies. It has a younger feel and vibe that is more in-line with the comic book. 


On your playlist?

I like Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Audio Push, and Of Monsters and Men.


Exercise music?

I work out to ‘80’s heavy metal. Nothing will kick-start your heart like Motley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart.”


Favorite websites?

I get my news on CNN. TMZ is where I get my gossip. It’s really the most accurate source. And Deadline is where I go to find out which shows I didn’t get cast on. 


Favorite magazine, and how do you read it?

Playboy is good. I subscribe to it. I like to be able to hold it. I like it in my hands. 


Book on your nightstand?

Pierce Brown’s Red Rising. He’s a friend of mine, and it’s an incredible read.

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