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Brit Boba Combines Tea Drinks and British Desserts in Studio City

Brit Boba delivers an unlikely but flavorful fusion of British desserts and boba tea drinks to Studio City. The couple also serves British cakes and scones

Studio City’s new Brit Boba offers uniquely British takes on the popular Taiwanese tea-based drinks that typically include milk, sugar and chewy tapioca balls (known as boba), available on ice or blended. The family-run shop also serves proper British tea–complete with classic scones and desserts—some of which are made from recipes by Mary Berry, a judge on the popular The Great British Baking Show.

Brit Boba gets pretty creative with tea flavors. Banoffee is based on a popular British banana caramel pie and adds English breakfast tea, milk and a crumbled almond cookie top. I suggest adding house boba that simmer hourly in vegan honey.

Bakewell Baby riffs on the U.K.’s famous Bakewell tart. In this case, English breakfast tea and milk join almonds, raspberry and bursting cherry “popping boba” in each cup.

Coco’s Cocktail is the owner’s original creation made with English breakfast tea, milk, a proprietary fruit blend and blueberry popping boba.

Coco Lloyd is from Stevenage, 20 minutes north of London, and runs Brit Boba with husband Jacob. Coco is a big fan of The Great British Baking Show, and she uses a couple of Mary Berry’s recipes—one for Victoria Sponge Cake and another for scones with cream and jam. Eye-popping cupcakes are also a draw in tea flavors like English breakfast and lavender Earl Grey.

12747 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-821-6002

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