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Bourdain-Approved Myungin Dumpling House Opens Northridge Branch

Myungin Dumplings appeared on the Koreatown episode of late culinary icon Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations.” An outpost just opened in Northridge.

The late, great culinary icon Anthony Bourdain put the Koreatown branch of Myungin Dumplings squarely on the map when he visited it with artist David Choe on No Reservations back in 2013. The popular concept, which features steamed, boiled or pan-fried dumplings, has opened an outpost in a plaza across from Northridge Fashion Center.

Northridge more or less serves the same menu, but my server said the Valley branch’s spicy steamed roll dumpling with pork and shrimp are “spicier.” They’ve also added a fried chicken section with “original,” sweet & spicy,” “half & half,” “soy garlic” or “kang jung” birds spiked with serrano and red chiles.

I opted for dumpling beef soup that starred eight soft pork dumplings folded with glass noodles and scallions bobbing in an umami-rich anchovy, seaweed and dashi broth with beef bits, more scallions, nori strands and egg. Servers provide the option to add sliced rice cakes, which is a great idea.

For those interested in retracing Bourdain’s bites, order fluffy steamed “king dumplings” the size of baseballs, featuring pork and kimchi; and steamed dumplings filled with sweetened red bean.

James Gi and his parents recently franchised the Northridge location, which features white and grey two-toned walls, dark wooden booths and tables, and K-Pop music. The dumpling-making process is actually more visible here than in K-Town—two women folding dumplings by hand behind glass and yielding impressive results.

19520 Nordhoff St., Northridge, 818-280-6001

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