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Blaque Parlor is a Goth Ice Cream Truck Built for Instagram

Blaque Parlor is a goth ice cream truck that serves black ice cream in black waffle cones and atop funnel cakes at a semi-regular spot in Sherman Oaks.

Even Marilyn Manson could learn lessons from the Blaque Parlor truck on embracing darkness. L.A.’s most goth dessert option on four wheels sells Instagrammable black ice cream several nights a week in Sherman Oaks’s. It’s typically parked at the Fashion Square Car Wash parking lot on Woodman Avenue.

Black ice cream is available in two citrusy flavors: orange sherbet (with less dairy than ice cream) and lemon ice (vegan). I was informed that both options are “stained black with activated charcoal,” a detoxifying agent that has minimal flavor and imparts striking color.

Ice cream is available in cups; in soft, dark-hued waffles cones that are griddled and shaped to order; or atop funnel cakes. Colorful toppings include sugar balls (compressed powdered sugar), M&M’s and chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. They also offer crushed Oreo cookies for customers interested in dialing up the darkness even more.

Blaque Parlor also churns “classic” ice cream flavors like mint chip and rocky road for sunnier customers.

“We wanted to do something different with ice cream,” co-founder Ashley Vartanyan says. Since she and partner Nicholas “Nick” Khachatourian both wear black constantly, they opted for black ice cream.

They tested their foray into the dark culinary arts with family members before taking Blaque Parlor to the streets. They started by serving black ice cream at catering gigs and private events three years ago, and set up in Sherman Oaks in February. Nick’s brother co-owns Hot Motha Clucker, a hot fried chicken vendor that sets up at an adjacent table, and Blaque Parlor joined them to provide relief for the chicken’s lasting burn.

To see when Blaque Parlor plans to park in Sherman Oaks, check each week’s hours on their Yelp page.

4625 Woodman Ave., Sherman Oaks, 818-266-8657

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