Doner Kebab Encino

Berlins Brings Döner Kebab to Encino

Two Berlin-born brothers bring the döner kebab of their youth to Encino, where they serve shaved beef, lamb and chicken on sandwiches, salads and plates.

Berlin has developed deep affection for street foods like currywurst and döner kebab. Döner, which features Turkish-style, spit-shaved meat, gained serious traction in the ’70s and gained popularity as brothers Matthias Classen and Simon Classen were growing up there. For years they’ve been sharing their love of döner sandwiches with two Berlins locations in L.A., and the brothers just debuted a third branch in Encino.

Berlins roasts two different meats on vertical spits imported from Germany, which factor into sandwiches, salads and rice plates. Beef-and-lamb is the more popular filling, made with tender neck and hip meat. The brothers also offer a lighter version that combines chicken breast and thigh meat.

Berlins’s döner kebab sandwich certainly has its charms, but I’d recommend a döner plate with crispy beef-and-lamb shavings, seasoned rice, punchy pink pickled cabbage, crunchy raw onions, sliced cucumbers and choice of sauce. Consider creamy dill parsley, and supplement with savory crumbled feta.

Berlins sports white walls sporting a colorful mural of Berlin and pink neon sign advertising their social media handles: @eatberlins. Sure you can take-out, but I say order at the counter and eat like a Berliner.

15928 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 818-290-3170

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