Baja Burritos at Studio City Farmers Market

The secret’s out: The best breakfast burritos are at Studio CIty Farmers Market.

Ethical dilemma: Is it OK to withhold information on the best breakfast burrito in town just to make sure the line is short when you want one?

Forget it, impossible. Enough people already know about Baja Burrito Café’s scrumptious breakfast burritos—served Sunday mornings at the Studio City Farmers Market—that the line is always longer than at anyone’s else’s food stand. There’s just something about that mild-mannered salsa. Also, say yes when they ask you if you want the pico de gallo . You can have one of these puppies in your hand for $5, or $6 with meat or chicken.

Because table seating is scarce, there’s a chance you’ll end up sitting in the grass with your precious burrito, carefully balancing your paper plate and maybe one of Baja Burrito’s lemonades or horchata in your lap or setting the drink on the curb. Many fluttering yellow wrappers around you indicate others sharing the burrito experience. It’s really the only way to properly appreciate these poco bundles of joy.

Studio City Farmers Market, Ventura Place between Radford Ave. and Laurel Canyon Blvd., 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sundays, 818-655-7744

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