Andre Guerrero Returns to Sherman Oaks with Ramen Room

Chef Andre Guerrero, who owns The Oinkster and Maximiliano, returns to a former Sherman Oaks home with Ramen Room.

Andre Guerrero should return to a familiar Sherman Oaks address by September. The chef behind Eastside hits The Oinkster and Maximiliano is putting his unique spin on ramen, opening Ramen Room in a space that most recently held Brats Brothers.

Before the Radler brothers sold sausage and beer, Andre ran Max and Marché in the space and remained on the master lease for all these years. He’s been jonesing to open a ramen parlor for about five years, building a “secret ramen obsession” for a while. A Highland Park deal fell through, clearing a path back to Ventura Boulevard.

Andre says, “What will distinguish our ramen will be our menu.” He mentioned a “go-to bowl” of shio ramen with double stock (chicken and pork), tonkotsu (pork) and a spicy miso ramen that will rotate chiles based on seasonal availability. Depending on the time of year, that might mean Jimmy Nardello peppers, and possibly Hatch or Calabrian chiles.

A vegetarian ramen with seasonal mushrooms and vegetables will be available. Andre is Filipino-American, so expect a Filipino-inspired chicken soup with clear chicken broth, ginger, fish sauce rice noodles, cilantro, poached chicken, chicken chicharron and green papaya.

Appetizers will involve ahi towers on crispy rice cakes, lumpia and possibly honey-glazed chashu ribs and chicken wings. Andre will use eight of the restaurant’s 16 beer handles to pour draft beer. He mentioned stocking seasonal kegs from local breweries like Craftsman, Highland Park and Eagle Rock. Sake and wine will also be available.

13355 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks

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