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Ali R. Namazie, MD

Ali R. Namazie, MD 4955 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite #505 | Sherman Oaks | 818-986-5500 | namaziemd.com Services Offered • Rhinoplasty, nasal cosmetic surgery • Nasal breathing surgery • Eyelid and brow surgery • Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation • Botox and fillers • Endoscopic sinus surgery • Sinus headache treatment • Thyroid surgery • Head […]

Eat & Drink

Revving Up

There’s fast food, and then there’s under-three-minutes food.  Pizza Rev—the “craft your own” pizza joint that allows you to choose your own sauce, cheese, and toppings—is one of the latter, and this past week it opened its doors in the Burbank Town Center.  With the original location in Northridge, as well as a Studio City […]


Desk Warriors

Is working at a computer all day causing you pain? Let Claire Hartley, owner of Rising Lotus Yoga, show you how to go from a stiff neck to full flexibility. Namaste.

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