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NEW: Gourmet Dogs, Designer Sweets at Fashion Square

Brätworks Gourmet Hot Dogs, Lolli and Pops provide Fashion Square food fun.

Eat & Drink

Miho Sushi Competes in Crowded Tarzana Field by Touting Value

The Boulevard is studded with sushi restaurants that deliver exquisite omakase. Miho Sushi is a new Tarzana option that competes by offering high-value combos.

Eat & Drink

Amarinyo Gelateria Builds on Israeli Vision in Van Nuys

Yogev Shiamo transferred his gelato skills from Israel to LA, opening Amarinyo Gelateria in a Van Nuys strip mall in 2015. He grew up in Israel and worked at a franchise of Aldo gelateria in the southern city of Beersheeba—one of three franchises run by his mother-in-law—before migrating with his wife to LA. Amarinyo Gelateria […]

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